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light yellow polystyrene sprayer mini spray foam

Part A is high density spray blend polyols, it reacts with Part B--isocyanate to produce foam which has excellent performances, which are as follows. 1.fine and uniformity cells 2.low thermal conductivity 3.perfect fire resistance 4.excellent low temperature stability. Physical Properties Appearance:Pale yellow to brown viscous liquid HydroxylValue:310-380 mgKOH/g Dynamic Viscosity (25℃):100-200 mpa.s Specific gravity (20℃ ):1.12-1.20 g/ml Storage Temperature:10-25 ℃ Storage Stability:6 month Recommended Ratio Blend Polyol:100 Isocyanate:100-105 Reactivity Characteristics Cream Time: 3-5s Gel Time: 6-10s It applies to all kinds of thermal insulation engineering which use the spray, such as storage warehouse, large pots, large-scale pipelines and construction roof and all types of abnormal thermal insulation projects. Packing detail 200kg/drum--Polyol(component A) 250kg/drum--ISO (component B)
  • ca. 5000 kg
  • bulk
  • Industry: Food, Non food, Chemical, Feed
  • Germany
  • DOM: 2020
  • UBD: 2025
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