CONTACT US NOW! The plant is used is used as a digestive agent, purgative and diuretic (Osuntogun and Aboaba, 2004). It has been reported to be used as folk medicine for cancer, obesity, diabetes and hypertension (Odigie and Adigun, 2003; Tabuti et al., 2003). Roselle is also used in food production such as local non-alcoholic beverages, industrial wine, jam, marmalade and tea production (Aoshima and Ayabe,2007). In Nigeria, production of non-alcoholic beverage (soborodo) from dried red roselle calyces is very popular. The drink serves as a cheaper alternative to the industrially-produced carbonated soft drinks. A strong fibre obtained from the stem (called rosella hemp) isused forvarious household purposes including making sackcloth, twine and cord (Bolade et al., 2009). Today, roselle is attracting the attention of food a nd beverage manufacturers and pharmaceutical concerns who feel it may have exploitable possibilities as a natural food product and as a colorant to replace some synthetic dyes.
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