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CALUANIE MUELEAR OXIDIZE CHEMICAL WATER IRRIGATION WATER IRON 1 Liter 1.75kg Colored water like (lavie water) Test method: Pour 200 ml into a beaker or plastic mug. Then take (IRON) $ 8 or $ 12 with a length of 12 to 15cm. Then drop (IRON) into a 200 ml beaker of solution. From 1 to 15 minutes iron breaks clearly. Then, in the process of soaking the iron, the solution does not boil, does not smoke, does not have a burning or acidic smell of acid. Before you put the iron into your hands, feel comfortable, after testing the iron, dip your hands into the bowl containing the solution without redness, burns, burning hands. (Standard product) Contacts us for more inquiry via Wickr : kingpinceo Telegram @bluemanchem WhatsApp +447951228736 EMAIL : Get good deals only with me and you will not regreat it 99.6% pure Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Parteurize.
  • ca. 1 kg
  • liquid
  • Industry: Chemical
  • United Kingdom
  • DOM: 2021
  • UBD: 2023
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