Butynediol Ethoxylate(BEO) Wuhan

Butynediol ethoxylate(BEO) CAS:1606-85-5 Trade name BEO Chemical name Butynediol ethoxylate Other name: 5-Oxa-2-octyne-1,7-diol Dipropyloxy butynediol 1,4-Butynediolpropoxylate propoxylated 1,4-butynediol 4-(2-hydroxypropoxy)but-2-yn-1-ol CB Number: CB1854815 MF: C10H18O4 Mw: 144.17 Molecular formula C8H14O4 Assay 98% Appearance Yellowish to brown red transparent liquid Application Butynediol propoxylate(1606-79-7) can be used as nickel plating brightener,inhibitor of black metal corrosion. It is used as lasting brightener, weak leveling agent in plating. Package: 25kgs/plastic drum
  • ca. 3000 kg
  • kg25
  • Industry: Chemical
  • Germany
  • DOM: 2019
  • UBD: 2025
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