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100% PURE NATURAL SAKAE NAA ( COMBRETUM QUADRANGULARE ) HERB POWDER EXTRACT ( PREMIUM GRADE ) Also known “SAKAE NAA ” (Combretum Quadrangulare) one of the medicinal herbs derived and discovered in South East Asia, it was comprised of much beneficial prosperity during scientific research. This tree, enormous size and specific requirement for a wet & dark area of land where it grows to maintain it survive most of the part it won’t develop by human germination. After some analysis report review of combretum as one of the most significant plant species in a traditional system of medicine and is established as a source of terpenoids, flavonoids, steroids. The isolated phytochemicals as well as different extracts exhibited huge biological activities such as antimicrobial, anti-HIV, cytotoxic and hepatoprotective activities. The leaf can be used as tea leaf and some process to essential oil, however, even though the combretum has evidently many benefits for human, it is rarely used because it accomplishes many works to complete its standard. As today, we have implemented a new technology machine to generate the leaf to the finest powder extract.The effect of using the leaf powder in the original state can last for up to four hours and are totally unhelpful to your body, it is relief and creates mild sedative properties.Some user prefers smoking these leaves far better than tobacco as it is much healthier and has yet even been unknown to cause cancer. There are many commonly used as for crush leaf it can be arranged like drinking tea, for powder extract it can be ingested by teaspoon twice a day or combine with some food. For making essential oil it helps to relieve pain once applied further you can add to your daily skin care routine cream or massage for muscle tension. The basic effect of combretum is mood alterations and mood enhancement. This herb helps individual relieve stress and yet feel more energized at the same time.
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