How does selling raw materials work?

Sell your products/stock to the right target group in the Food, Non-Food, Chemicals and Feed industry. Increase sales opportunities for both ready to be reused and new stock. HEMETRADING offers an easy and convenient way to increase your sales volume and margin by making your stock visible and available for a worldwide audience.

When logged in you will find in the user dashboard (click upper right corner) all information regarding requested quotes, received offers and invoices. Furthermore you can edit profile information. Via the dashboard also raw materials can be sold by uploading stock/products on the website (select and add materials or import batch).

Register and upload

  • Start making your stock visible by registering your company details (e.g. address, e-mail etc.)
  • After registration you will receive your login details. Once logged in, you can immediately start uploading the stock
  • Select upload materials in the ‘your dashboard’ area (right upper corner). Fill out the requested product information (multiple products can be uploaded at once):
    • Product name
    • Industry
    • Location
    • Quantity
    • Product description
    • Price (not required*)
    • Add any documents which might be of interest to the buyer
  • After completion confirm the stock/product information to be displayed on the HEMETRADING marketplace by pressing save
  • HEMETRADING can also upload available stock for you, if provided with the correct and full information
  • Your upload(s) will become available and visible worldwide in the search area for buyers, directly increasing your sales opportunities
  • In future, once registered, you can directly upload stock/products making the whole process even more convenient
  • HEMETRADING will contact you regarding active product requests done by our customers looking to buy your products


  • HEMETRADING will contact you if a buyer wants to buy stock you offered on HEMETRADING
  • Only you determine the selling price, there are no additional costs involved
  • The transaction will be finalized through order confirmation and invoicing

Transport and other services

  • HEMETRADING will inform you regarding the delivery details (e.g. address etc.) for transport
  • After receipt of your invoice we will transfer the money to your bank account
  • In your user dashboard you can adjust quantities or stock availability
  • Transport can be organized if requested
  • Other services offered through HEMETRADING include:
    • Packing, repacking, blending / mixing, grinding, sieving and packing big bags and (paper)bags
    • Contract manufacturing (toll manufacturing)
    • Logistics Production
    • Distribution


  • Our service team is at your disposal throughout the whole selling process and will do anything to ensure a swift and satisfactory settlement of the whole transaction, so you can continue to grow your business