HEMETRADING is a unique international marketplace for buying and selling of both ready to be reused and new raw materials aimed at the Food, Non-Food, Chemicals and Feed industry. A simple, easy and convenient way for both buyers and suppliers to buy & sell raw materials directly online.

We are fully dedicated to the raw materials industry. We offer our customers a wide range of products, not only for new stock but also for raw materials ready to be reused. So you will find the following stock:

  • Overstock
  • B-spec materials
  • Redundant stock
  • Products with a deviation
  • New stock products


  • Easy browsing of products for buyers
  • Convenient uploading of products for manufacturers
  • Worldwide B2B audience of buyers and sellers
  • Additional services such as co-packing and transport
  • No cost unless succesful transaction
  • Product alerts available for buyers
  • 24/7 online availability
  • Expert HEMETRADING team at your disposal
  • Guaranteed successful transaction

Part of the HEME Group

HEMETRADING is part of the HEME group which focuses on production and marketing of high quality specialty products for Food, Non-Food, Chemicals and Feed industry. Besides our own products HEME offers the following services:

  • Packing, repacking, blending / mixing, grinding, sieving and packing big bags and (paper)bags
  • Contract manufacturing (toll manufacturing)
  • Logistics Production
  • Distribution

Our processes make it possible to handle both large and small production batches. This is an advantage when developing new products, such as preventing the need to invest in your own plant. In addition, many of our customers use HEME to supply their customers use HEME to supply their customers with additional capacity next to their own production in case of production problems or additional market demand.

Besides production and packaging we offer lab facilities for quality and process analysis. HEME can also store raw materials or end products for our customers.

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